Sunday, September 25, 2016

If stupidity was painful people would seek help in this case they used pain relievers

This is too funny here you have a "witch" and animal activist arrest for being a public pain in the ass.  If this network of animal loving and tree hugging people shared a brain I the still would have a tough time navigating out of a paper bag.  With her own words  Tim Reagan the manager of HEX call Lorelei not the police AND she never mentions to Tim to hang up and dial 911 now does she?  Dumb and Dumber with the Dumbest. 
I too believe in anti animal abuse but this is silly beyond compare. Lorelei would have made better headline posing nude again (you can take that either way) but instead now it is an economical decision according her by $50 which makes her attorney Scott Dullea pro bono ? HMMMmmmmm  

Here is the follow up a few days later 

In my previous blog (oh Please PLEASE correct me if I am wrong )  The law did not pass with the Governor's signature until a week after her arrest and the law it self was not going into effect until Nov 7 2016.  Who knows why the real motivation is since the proper procedure was never followed (if any~ 911?). And what better to have on film of Lorelei being arrested as the owner of the car is a havard law student.   Scott Dullea (Lorelei's attorney) may be busy yet with Lorelei's civil suit against should he pursue that avenue. 
The Nit Wit of Essex Street strikes again if anything she will learn from this and court is that she is not above the law. 

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